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“Innovation is change that unlocks new value” – Jamie Notter. The Fusion Group came into existence with the vision and mission to get innovative products and technologies for increased profitability. It is bringing in a quiet revolution in the doors, wood and furniture industries in India by getting the latest and best from around the world. The idea is to streamline production processes, decrease manufacturing time even while giving value added products and most importantly, increasing profitability for the manufacturer. They are bringing customized solutions that would suit any need, any budget.


International Partners

“In our quest to bring the best of global technologies to your doorstep, we have partnered with several international giants. Our aim is to bring to you those processes, products, machines, services that are cost effective, add value to your end product and increase your profitability



At Fusion Group, we are dedicated towards bringing the best and latest of technologies and processes from around the world to India. The aim is to streamline manufacturing, bringing down costs and adding value to the end product. Our products are best suited for the wood, doors and furniture industry. Our deep understanding of the gaps that exist in these industries give us an edge and drive us to source out the solutions from across the globe.


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